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Push for the Holidays

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Are your display ads underperforming as the holidays approach? Leverage push to bring your audience back and boost your year-end revenue.

From Black Friday and Cyber Monday to New Years, consumers are inundated with email marketing and display advertising during the holiday season. Because of the sheer quantity of ads vying for attention, performance of those ads overall may drop, causing your audience to develop temporary "ad-blindness." When this happens, brands need to find new ways to overcome holiday ad-fatigue, and push notifications are a more effective channel to engage with customers. Where CTRs from Facebook and Google average around 0.7% for remarketing, push boasts CTRs of 5% and higher.

Additionally, people are more frequently engaging with push notifications. News media this year helped train the general public to pay more attention to notifications. From wildfires and hurricanes, to an election season coinciding with a global pandemic, audiences are more responsive to push notifications than ever before.

The success of push notifications can be attributed primarily to their ability to deliver timely and relevant communication which people opted-in to receive from a trusted source.

Here are some examples of ways to leverage this powerful channel to grow and engage your audience this holiday season:

For Food Publishers:

  • Send Thanksgiving recipe ideas to the audience leading up to the holiday
  • Follow-up with tips and discounts to people who engage with the recipe notifications
  • Target people who browse Thanksgiving recipes with leftover recipes after the holiday is over
  • People who engaged heavily with Thanksgiving pushes get more volume as Christmas season approaches

    thanksgiving example-1

For E-Commerce Publishers:

  • Send offers based on user engagement throughout the year
  • Create a sense of urgency by sending price drop alerts
  • If a prospective customer clicked on sales push notifications before, offer them more loyalty points, shipping incentives, a free gift with order, or other special offers
  • Supply “pro tip” content to prospective customers for deal hunting, then target those same customers based on additional articles they view while in those sessions
  • Send follow-up notifications with last chance reminders on deals leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    black Friday

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