Comscore’s top-rated food site leveraged A/B testing to drive 16%+ lift in clicks.



The No. 1 food & beverage website has one of the largest audiences in the world. But even its  size couldn’t solve the lack of engagement per posted content. One of its major key performance indicators (KPIs) was finding a way to boost clicks to increase click-through-rates (CTR) and they chose Pushly to help.



You don’t get to be the top food website on the planet without being a data-driven, creative organization. That’s why this Pushly partner consistently utilized our exclusive variety of A/B Testing options. Specifically, it generated value via sample testing, which allowed real-time notification optimization by enabling the publisher to input multiple articles, copy, and more into a designated distribution volume for each notification variation. Subsequently, Pushly monitored  each notification variation to determine which one generated the highest level of engagement, i.e. CTR, before deploying the winning notification to the rest of the targeted audience. 



This Pushly partner wanted to test whether its steak recipe would outperform its chicken recipe when the notification was sent to its entire audience. To do so, it would simply input content into Pushly’s easy-to-use notification creation page, then activate A/B Testing and assign volume to its variations. See an example of the process below:


In this example, “Variant A” is our steak recipe while “Variant B” is our chicken recipe. Each of these variants are assigned 10% of the volume, which can easily be adjusted by the slider bar. After the initial send, users can choose the length of their wait time for a winner to be determined and deployed: 


As seen in this example, one hour after the first 20% of volume had been deployed, with 10% to steak and 10% to chicken, the remaining 80% of subscribers would receive whichever article produced the highest CTR.



Through leveraging the sample testing option from Pushly, our partner experienced boosted performance in clicks per send by over 16%, producing a higher-engaging notification. Taking a few extra seconds to send the notification led to an average increase of over 18,000 clicks-per-send. This additional traffic drove direct visitor sessions and residual page views, averaging over 30,000 clicks-per-send when notification clickers browsed deeper into our partner's site.

And that’s it! Without any coding, excessive configuration, or much time spent, this Pushly partner was able to optimize each notification send in real-time with ease and comfort to solve one of its most prevalent obstacles.

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James Redler

James is the director of partnerships, implementation, and growth at Pushly.

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