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James Redler, Director of Partnerships, Implementation and Growth at Pushly, sat down with founder Rob Beeler to "unbox" Pushly’s dynamic features for the Beeler.Tech community, as part of their First Impressions video series demonstrating ad tech products and services.


In the recorded session, James gives a walk-through of how Pushly‘s personalization, automation, and optimization capabilities help publishers drive growth in return traffic and audience engagement. 

So why exactly should publishers be paying attention to web push as a channel, and just how great is the channel’s potential impact on loyalty, data, and revenue?

With Pushly’s machine-learning personalization capabilities, companies can send their audience hyper-relevant content based on their previous interactions with the site. The challenge is overcoming common misconceptions based on web push’s misuse and early iterations, where an “open faucet” approach meant everyone got the same message all the time, As a result of this approach, engagement dipped and attrition increased. 

“We’ve determined and proven that push needs to be personal - getting the right message in front of the right person at the ideal time, and leveraging the 1:1 direct audience engagement that web push offers,” said Redler. Leveraging Pushly’s smart segmentation and engagement tools leads to a 7x boost in interactions, a 6.5 percent opt-in rate, and a 5 to 7 percent click-through rate, on average, when using personalized notifications.

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