The Two Keys to Communicating with Your Audience

Dec 13, 2018 2:19:00 PM / by Pushly Content Writer

Pushly can help you communicate to your audience better than ever before, speaking to them about what's important – in their own language. Pushly can help you keep in touch and stay at the top of your audience's mind, without driving users away.


The two keys to a great audience conversation

There are two things that are vitally important before beginning a conversation with your audience: Knowing what's important to them and speaking in their language style.


1. You need to know what's important to your audience members

It is often said that the best conversationalists are the best listeners. Applied to your audience, that means if you're initiating the conversation – the conversation needs to be centered around what your audience cares about and finds most important.

The way you listen is by starting conversations around what your audience members want to talk about. Then, in future conversations, apply responses to the things your audience has voiced, using their feedback.

Every audience member is different

One thing that makes the process of knowing what's important to your audience more difficult on the surface is – that within your audience – there may be a mix of interests.

How audience members differ will vary depending on your business niche and what attracted audience members to you in the first place. But in general, there may be various factors that separate one audience member from another.

For example, audience members could differ by gender, products related to each gender, the types of products they are interested in, their knowledge and expertise in a given topic area or product type.

2. Speaking your audience's language style

As different segments of your audience will vary in their specific interests and expertise – so will the style of their language.

For example, experts will have a wider and broader vocabulary of a subject than will newbies. Throwing expert language at a greenhorn will only confuse them.

Therefore, your language must fit the expectations and language style of the audience segment you are addressing.

Segment audience to separate the conversation

The best way to align audience conversations is to segment your audience into related groups. Then you create separate messages dedicated to each of those segments.

Language among these groups will vary and we'll discuss that next.

Tips for speaking to your audience

What's important is to pick up on the tone each of your differing audience segments uses in their communications. One group may be more playful and lively, while another group is more serious.

You want to not only match the tone of each segment, but also try to use some of the actual words and phrases they use. Naturally, if members of your audience are already communicating with one another on your social media page, that's the first place to look for insight.

Another way to observe the language your audience uses is by tracking what other websites they visit. Observe the language they use and how they interact on other websites.


Personalization is the key

The more you can personalize your messages, the greater the connection each individual audience member is going to have with you or your brand.

When you speak to their interests, wants and what they value as important, it helps them perceive you as someone who "gets them." In turn, they are most likely to stick with someone who gets them versus someone who doesn't seem to understand them at all.


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Fine-tuning your approach

As you segment your audience members, you will also create different messages that are fine-tuned to both what's important to them and their language style.

It is extra work sure, but it's worth the additional effort because it makes a huge difference in both retaining that audience and earning revenue through them.


Keeping you and your brand at the top of your audience's mind

One of the best ways to stay at the top of your audience's mind is through web push notifications and/or using web push notifications for retargeting.

For example, an audience member is visiting your site looking at a particular product, then makes a jump to a competitor's website.

Pushly's web push notifications can reach your audience anywhere on the web – on or off of your website. Through retargeting, you can send a message to that individual, who is now on another website, offering them a compelling discount or other incentive to bring them back to your website.

You can also use retargeting to bring people back who have abandoned their shopping carts, offering reminders or incentives for them to complete the purchase.



Pushly can help you target the perfect prospects

We can leverage a publisher's audience data to more intelligently target content.

This process allows us to prequalify new prospects and show your advertising to only those who are most likely to engage with your advertising or offers.


  • You need to know what's important and speak to your audience members in their language style.
  • Every audience member is different, and the best way to speak to your audience is to divide them into related groups or segments.
  • Depending on your business or niche, your audience members could differ by gender, location, product interests, knowledge/expertise and more.
  • Just as your audience members differ, the language used by varying audience segments could differ as well. Newbies and experts will likely use different language and terms, as well as, may use a different tone such as playful vs. serious.
  • Create separate messages to address both the interest differences and language differences among your audience segments.
  • The more you can personalize your messages to each segment or individual, the more relevant your message will be.
  • Web push notifications can keep you and your brand at the top of your audience mind, triggered by a relevant action and reaching them in real-time at the right moment.
  • Use web push notifications for retargeting audience members who have left your site, reaching them anywhere on the web.
  • Web push notifications are also effective for shopping cart abandonment and bringing customers back to your site.
  • Pushly can leverage your audience data to more intelligently target content and prequalify the best prospects.


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